My Work

Audio Credits



Grams – Tommies Series 4 (BBC Radio 4)
Grams & Editor – Modern Morality Tales (BBC Radio 4)
rams – Positive Affect (BBC Radio 4)
Grams – 15 Minute Drama: Halfway Here (BBC Radio 4)
Grams – Amsterdam (BBC Radio 4)
Grams & Editor – The Wallet (BBC Radio 4)
Grams – November Dead List (BBC Radio 4)
Grams – The Forsyte Saga (BBC Radio 4)
Grams & Editor – El Cid (BBC Radio 3)
Grams – Lament (BBC Radio 4)
Grams – Charles Paris Mystery: A Decent Interval BBC Radio 4
Grams – Jane Eyre (BBC Radio 4)
Grams & Spot – From Fact to Fiction: Changes (BBC Radio 4)
Grams – Field Notes: The Peregrinations of a Most Musical Irishman (BBC Radio 4)
Grams – Writing the Century: The Experience of Love (BBC Radio 4)
Engineer and Editor – Chekhov: The Cherry Orchard (Audible)
Engineer and Editor – Chekhov: Three Sisters (Audible)
Engineer and Editor – Chekhov: The Seagull (Audible)
Engineer and Editor – Ibsen: An Enemy of the People (Audible)
Engineer and Editor – Ibsen: A Doll’s House(Audible)
Engineer and Editor – Ibsen: Hedda Gabler (Audible)



Editor – The Essay: Forgiveness (BBC Radio 3)
Editor –  & Researcher – Christmas Truce (BBC Local Radio)
Editor – The Essay: The Retreating Roar (BBC Radio 3)
Researcher – The Great War Diaries (BBC World Service)
Editor –  & Researcher – Archive on 4: You are Feeling Sleepy (BBC Radio 4)
Editor – Heart and Soul: Faith in Oman (BBC World Service)
Editor – Heart and Soul: Heirs of the Prophet (BBC World Service)
Editor & Researcher – Dr Watson, I Presume (BBC Radio 4)
Editor & Researcher – Torture in the 21st Century (BBC Radio 4)
Editor & Researcher – Archive on 4: A History of the Stiff Upper Lip (BBC Radio 4)
Editor – The Essay: The Case for Doubt (BBC Radio 3)
Editor & Researcher – Heart and Soul: Japan, Hope Amid The Chaos (BBC World Service)
Editor – David Suchet’s Questions of Faith (Audible / CTVC)


Engineer & Editor – The Complete NIV Audio Bible: Read by David Suchet (Hodder & Stoughton / CTVC)
Producer – Two Weeks with a Stranger (Audible / Rushforth Media)
Producer – Ladies Coupe (Audible / Rushforth Media)
Producer – The Way We Love (Audible / Rushforth Media)
Producer – Death of a Ghost (Audible / Rushforth Media)
Producer – Gods, Kings & Slaves (Audible / Rushforth Media)
Producer – Elephant Catchers (Audible / Rushforth Media)
Producer – Pentagram Child(Audible / Rushforth Media)
Producer – The Cult of The Hexad (Audible / Rushforth Media)
Producer – The Truth About Julia (Audible / Rushforth Media)
Producer – The Sacrifice of Septimus (Audible / Rushforth Media)
Producer – Driven (Audible / Rushforth Media)
Producer – Crash (Audible / Rushforth Media)
Editor – A Book of Untruths (Audible)
Editor – The Bricks That Built The Houses (Audible)
Editor – The Mismade Girl (Audible)
Editor – Sniper One (Penguin Random House)


Things Unseen Podcast
Editor – The Word: Katharine Welby Roberts
Editor – The Nation State: How Ethical Is It?
Editor – Ramadan Express
Editor – Viktor Frankl: Man’s Search for Meaning
Editor – Science versus Religion: Uncertainty and Certainty
Editor – A Mother’s Good Friday: Diane Foley
Editor – Addiction and Faith: the 12-Step programme
Editor – The Muslim Moses
Editor – Suicide and Faith
Editor – Dementia and Faith
Editor & Researcher – The Christmas Truce
Editor – Depression and Faith
Editor – The Dao of Jesus
Editor – Angels
Editor – Religious Trauma
Editor – The Word: Sami Yusuf
Editor – Mindfulness: Sharon Salzberg
Editor & Researcher – Britain’s Forgotten Muslim Heroes
Editor – A God-Shaped Hole?
Editor – Ramadan: When the Tough Get Going
Editor & Researcher – Sikh Soldiers of The Great War
Editor – The Great Divide: A Shia Perspective
Editor – Complementary Medicine: A Matter of Faith?
Editor – Road To Forgiveness: South Africa
Editor – The Word: Rowan Williams
Editor – What’s in a Name?
Editor – Good Friday and Easter: After Rwanda
Editor – The Great Divide: A Sunni Perspective
Editor – The Word: Lord Griffiths
Editor – The Word: Rose Hudson – Wilkin
Editor – Man with Deer Eyes
Editor – The Word: Lord Smith of Finsbury
Editor – The Mind Body Spirit Doc
Editor – Faith and Fighting
Editor – The Word: Tony Jordan
Editor – Jesus the Muslim
Editor – Shamans and Sacraments: The Meaning of Rituals
Editor – The Word: Nicky Gumbel
Editor – The Case For (and Against) Peace Journalism
Editor – The Spirit of Things Unseen: Launch Discussion
Editor – Death: In Search of the Soul
Editor – Jesus the Jew
Editor – Death: Reports from the Final Frontier
Editor – A Self – Centred Church?
Editor – Missing

Bahamians on Campus Podcast

Episode 1 – Kishan Munroe
Episode 2 – Zena Hutcheson
Episode 3 – Gabrielle Moss
Episode 4 – Jerome Sawyer
Episode 5 – Antoin R Bowe
Episode 6 – Ryan Marci Collie
Episode 7 – Antonia Burrows
Episode 8 – Jurally Nairn
Episode 9 – Dara Rahming

TrueTube Podcast

Editor & Sound designer – Mindfulness
Editor & Sound designer – Your Indian Jungle

5th Column Podcast

Editor & Researcher – Disability Hate Crime
Editor – Peter Hitchens on the Excuses We Make
Editor – Are All Men Created Equal
Editor – Peter Hitchens on the Harm Cannabis Does
Editor – Olympics Over, Can there be a Lasting Legacy?
Editor – Julie Bindle on 70,000 Volunteers
Editor – Michael Buerk on Our Gold Medals
Editor – Michael Buerk on The Olympics
Editor – Michael Buerk on The Colorado Killer
Editor – Michael Buerk on a ‘Despicable’ History
Editor – Michael Buerk on Andy Murray’s Sob Story
Editor – Michael Buerk Skewers Fifty Shades of Grey
Editor – Michael Buerk on Argentina’s ‘Breathtaking Hypocrisy’
Editor – Same-Sex Marriage: Equal Rights of ‘Pure Politics’?
Editor – Michael Buerk on The Exhibition of Invisible Art
Editor – Michael Buerk on The Case For ‘Universial’ Benefits
Editor & Researcher – The Art of Complaining
Editor – Michael Buerk on Mormon Mitt Romney
Editor – Trevor Barnes on ‘Hate’ Crimes That Aren’t
Editor – Trevor Barnes on an Unexpected (and Unwanted?) Gift
Editor – Trevor Barnes on Why Insults are Good for Us
Editor – Sweeney Meets Russian ‘Great Famine’ Survivors
Editor – Trevor Barnes on the Appearence of Robocop
Editor – Trevor Barnes on ’The Frighteners’ Being Put on Us All
Editor – Trevor Barnes: Why We Should Be on Our Guard
Editor – Julie Bindel Asks: Why so Many Benefits for Parents
Editor – Julie Bindel on an ‘Unjustifiable Protection’
Editor – Cold War Symbol For a Generation Part 1
Editor – Cold War Symbol For a Generation Part 2
Editor – Julie Bindel on The War in Afghanistan
Editor – Julie Bindel on Why Paying for Sex is Wrong
Editor – Trevor Barnes on Health and Safety ‘Madness’
Editor – Assisted Dying: Dignity in Death or an Anti-Life Culture?
Editor – Immigration: Open House or Closed Door?
Editor – Trevor Barnes on Richard Dawkins
Editor – Trevor Barnes on ‘Uniform’ Madness
Editor – Trevor Barnes on School League Tables
Editor – Trevor Barnes Lambasts ‘Money-Sapping’ Olympics
Editor – Bloody Sunday Remembered – Edward Daly
Editor – Trevor Barnes on ‘Lunatic’ Wind Farms
Editor – Wendy Robbins on Abu Qatada
Editor – Wendy Robbins on the Racism we Ignore
Editor – Haiti’s Religious Clash
Editor – Wendy Robbins on Protecting our Kids
Editor – Michael Buerk on the Climate Summit
Editor & Researcher – The Art of Complaining
Editor – Global Warming: Does it Matter?
Editor – Michael Buerk on the Big Pharma
Editor – What are the Protesters are Saying?
Editor – Michael Buerk on the Fat Tax
Editor – Michael Buerk on Swearing
Editor – Michael Buerk on the Protestors
Editor – Michael Buerk on Global Population
Editor – Betrayal of the Old?
Editor – Abortion: How Many is Too Many?
Editor – Michael Buerk on Human Rights
Editor – The Forgotten Victims
Editor – The Holocaust ‘Obfuscators’
Editor – Praising & Promoting Tyrants
Editor – Bloody Sunday Remembered – Kay Duddy
Editor – Bloody Sunday Remembered – John Kelly
Editor – Bloody Sunday Remembered – Gerry O’Hara
Editor – Bloody Sunday Remembered – Virtue Dixon
Editor – Bloody Sunday Remembered – Richard Moore
Editor – Bloody Sunday Remembered – Pete McDonald
Editor – Bloody Sunday Remembered – Jeanette Warke
Editor – Bloody Sunday Remembered – Alastair Simpson
Editor – Bloody Sunday Remembered – Kathleen Tracy

Other Audio Work

Editor & Sound Design – Poetry collaboration with Carlos Luís Ramalhão
Sound Recordist – The Last of the Red Wine (Resonance FM / Institute of Contemporary Arts)


Sound Recordist – Keen London Promotional video (Keen London)

Russell and Dougal Productions

Sound Designer – Mustard
Co-Writer, Sound Recordist & Producer – Cold Call
Co-Writer, Sound Recordist & Producer – Swapsies
Co-Writer & Producer – Playtime
Co-Writer, Actor & Producer -The Stapler
Co-Writer, Sound Recordist & Producer – Yolk
Co-Writer, Sound Recordist & Producer – Burden
Co-Writer & Producer Toilet Bomb